The Year of Elections 2014

2014. Sweden faces yet another election year. It is in fact a super-election year as we choose not only representatives for the EU in May, but also for the parliament in September.

2014 is a year when we can give voice to our most passionate concerns…  and the options are endless… or are they?

The Year of Elections 2014 is an art project that stretches the concept of choice and Choosing to comprise (embrace) a more complex/diverse perspective.

The theme opens onto sharp questions concerning choices in a broader sense, engaging issues of the imbalance of power, of the real role of culture in our time and of what is left out of “politics” in the restricted sense that we encounter in the electoral process.

We pose questions such as: Do all people really have the opportunity to choose and influence society? Who are the chosen ones and who get to choose? Throughout the year, we are implementing art events around the city. During the parliamentary elections in September, we exhibit at gallery Studio44.


Curators: Anna Stina Erlandsson, Annica Einarson and Rikard Fåhraeus

ett projekt kring konsthändelser som ägde rum på gator och torg, i samband med EU-valet i maj och riksdagsvalet i september 2014